Този сайт използва "бисквитки" (cookies) за своята ефективност. Продължавайки напред, Вие сe съгласявате с нашата Политика за защита на личните данни

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Follow your instinct

We are a group of young people driven by our instincts to move forward through live communication. Our idea is to have fun and socialize through specially designed events, presented in an interesting way and led by a professional facilitator.

talk, play, have fun, make new friends!
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"From the Source"
"From the Source" "From the Source"
"Find Friends" program

Bulgarian folk dance is well known for its unique magical action. This program is related to the intertwining of a lesson in Bulgarian folk dances, led by our professional choreographer and conducting interesting and fun - educational games conducted by our professional actor and presenter of...

Date: 10 november 2019 year / 14:00 hour

13 “20 APRIL" Street, (first floor in the small fencing hall)
Daily program

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"The Golden Goblet“
"The Golden Goblet“ "The Golden Goblet“
"Find Friends" program


Through fun games, we will make you relax and so that we get to know each other and build a friendly environment. We will be tasting two white and two red wines presented by two professionally trained sommeliers. last but not least...

Date: 22 february 2020 year / 15:30 hour

Graphite restaurant
Daily program

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"Let`s bake a traditional banitza"
"Let`s bake a traditional banitza" "Let`s bake a traditional banitza"
"Find Friends" program

This event is for all who love to create with their own hands. Here we will be connected through the creation of bread, where amidst the coziness of the fire and the aroma of warm bread, different people, familiar and unfamiliar, will come together and discover our unsuspected talents and...

Date: 23 february 2020 year / 13:30 hour

Exarch Yosif Str. 103 (next to Sofia Mathematics High School)
Evening program

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