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"From the Source"

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Event "From the Source"

"From the Source"

Where: Тhe small fencing hall of Vasil Etropolski / 13 “20 APRIL" Street, (first floor in the small fencing hall)

When: Coming soon

Daily program

The event is suitable for one participant or for couples.

Bulgarian folk dance is well known for its unique magical action. This program is related to the intertwining of a lesson in Bulgarian folk dances, led by our professional choreographer and conducting interesting and fun - educational games conducted by our professional actor and presenter of the event. In the past, dancing was the way you could show and express yourself, socialize and make new friends. Come on everyone, let’s dance!

  • The group gathers in the ballroom. You are greeted by a person from our team who is a professionally trained actor to assist and guide the event towards its purpose. This is the so-called Facilitator. It checks the list of people and verifies the information (names and years) in order to verify their legal age and names.
  • He conducts specially designed educational games that lead the group to this: having fun, talking, getting to know each other, getting to know each other, making new friends and having fun together!
  • The following is the real part of the program - a 60 minute lesson in Bulgarian folk dances, in which we will learn 3-4 of the most common and famous wrestlers. It is led by a professional choreographer and starts with a few words about who we will learn from and what ethnographic field they are. The facilitator-choreographer presents and introduces the participants to the elements of a female and a male traditional Bulgarian costume.
  • Finally, the Facilitator will introduce you to the different program options. If desired, the group can continue their adventure in Instinct by enrolling in the next interesting program so that the group members continue to have fun and get to know each other.
  • It is important to know that the program will be held with a minimum of 12 participants enrolled !!! If there are fewer entries you can wait for the next date or refund your money. Three days before the event, the program closes and prepares for launch. Each participant who has paid for their participation will receive a confirmation of their email. Again, all that is described in your program is included in the price and as we like to say:

Come to us, wake up your senses ... give in to instinct!

Prise: 32BGN  Promotion 25 BGN

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